50 Shades of Brass

furniture legs


I bet many of you have really cool, easy to assemble, and affordable IKEA or similar furniture at your home, office, and other places. I will again bet that before buying them you checked on some tailor-made, handcrafted super luxury furniture but nearly lost your mind when you saw the price tag on it.

Furniture replacement, furniture customization, or furniture modification is a modern way of re-touching your furniture with new parts. Rather than buying the whole pack, or buying whole but changing later, many furniture can be modified and customized with your style and design ideas.

And your furniture is not an exception to this concept. With a quick Do It Yourself project, your furniture can become much stylish. Whether your furniture legs are not stylish anymore or worn-out you can replace them with what you need. 

And now, you have your ideas and we have what you need. The final ingredient missing is your free time. Luckily, time is superabundant nowadays and you know why. Yes, right. Ooops, Covid-19 happened and you have time now.

Most of us are staying at home nowadays and likely, we will be at home more with the winter is coming. We do not need to fear the undead yet but the time spent at home could be really boring. Seeing the same old furniture everyday, boring sight while in Zoom meeting, and more. Let’s work on your new restoration, alteration, and renovation plan.

Brass All The Way

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, in proportions which can be varied to achieve varying mechanical and electrical prop… all right, I will skip them. Just imagine using our brushed brass or shiny brass legs in your furniture. Did you like it or right? Feel that heartwarming color in your home or home office and feel the zen in you.

The materials we use are stainless steel and PVD coated just like super luxury items yet at affordable prices. With interior usage, it does not change color and wear out like regular brass. All your stands, sideboards, buffet, consoles, cabinets and furniture are super matching with our brass legs.

Just create your own Do It Yourself Project with your unique ideas and we will help you to complete it. After you finish replacing them, you just wish you would do it earlier. Unless you want to spend a ton of money, your new furniture legs will do quite nicely.