Combine Affordable & Style!

I bet many of you have real cool, easy to assemble and affordable IKEA or similar furniture at your home, office and other places. I will again bet that before buying them you checked on some tailor-made, hand crafted super luxury furniture but nearly lost your mind when you saw the price tag on it.

Now, we have an offering to you. Why not both? What if I told you that you do not need to choose between luxury and affordability and can combine them. Also, you can do it yourself at home, in minutes!


You can hack your new or old furnitures with our super cool, hand-made, quality furniture legs. Do not go and spend ten-thousands for a hand-made furniture and morever, do not lose yourself between millions of IKEA users. Get yourself an affordable IKEA or renovate your old furniture friend. Use our shiny brass legs as finishing touch and “voila”. You have an unique piece of furniture, reflecting your ideas and design with super easiness and in an affordable way.


If you, like us, love to shop for new home and office furnitures but feel unconfortable after looking at your bank account balance, we have great news for you: We are out here, close as a click with an affordable but perfectly fashionable style that will help you to save great amount of money and still make your home and office looking in a style. Here, check our great designs that will make furniture replacement a win-win for you and your wallet. Still do not see what you have in your mind? Simply reach us via e-mail or website to tell what you need. We will be happy to help you with your ideas.


Design and Style Matters! People want to express themselves with their home furnitures and want to share their style with their family and friends. Home is where we spend hours, rest and enjoy. It is your style and little touches that makes is cool! Do not let your ideas to become lost. Let them transform into memories and shine your home.

You can easily order our shiny brass legs with only one click, wait only a few days for us to ship it and mount them in minutes with only a screwdriver. Our materials and production line is always under quality assurance and tested for weight-bearing, durability and more.

We are a great brand for those who have an unique style but don't like spending a ton. And if you are looking to combine affordable & style, you are in the right address and in safe hands. If you are one of those who love easy and affordable DIY or IKEA hacks, do not leave this website before you find your design idea.

Let’s level up your furnitures. Let’s take them to the next level without spending a lot. Let us mesmerize your friends and family when they see your DIY furniture hack. Give yourself a chance to shine your home now!