Customize Your Furniture? Have it Your Way!

Tired of seeing your old-time sofa with damaged wooden legs? Or you just purchased an expensive coffee table but it looks same and casual like the others have? 

Let’s give a contemporary character to your furnitures. Let’s enliven your IKEA or other furniture super easily and super affordably in only minutes.

It is a new emerging trend in furniture world but not that old in custom shops. DIY or Assemble it Yourself furnitures are cheap, easy and super cool but guess what? They usually don’t have any soul in it and many key parts are low-quality. On the other hand, customized furnitures are great in looks, robust but so expensive to buy. Is there a way to combine them? Yes, there is and it is way cheaper and easier than you may think!

Design and Style Matters! People want to express themselves with their home furnitures and want to share their style with their family and friends. Home is where we spend hours, rest and enjoy. It is your style and little touches that makes is cool!

Furniture replacement, furniture customization or furniture modification is a modern way of re-touching your furnitures with new parts. Rather than buying the whole pack, or buying whole but changing later, many furniture can be modified and customized with your style and design ideas. In order to make it happen, there are many dedicated shops worldwide and a non-written codex is building day by day.

Details, materials, colors, shapes and more are used to customize your own furniture pieces. Unique is the name of the game! Replacement legs combine DIY furnitures with joy & passion. It is the little details that makes all the difference and your furniture is not an exception in that concept.

Motivation of furniture replacement companies is to offer low-cost, colorful and easy to install furniture parts to create a personalized style and design. You can also add your own ideas to your furniture and transform it according to your character.

There Is No Carpenter in Your Family? No Problem!

All you need is a screwdriver to mount your new stylish furniture legs. It will take only a few minutes to do but the joy will last longer! Simply attach your new legs with screws and enjoy it.

Are You Lost Between Millions of Models, Brands and Design?

Furniture legs are compatible with a wide variety of furniture pieces. All you need is you, your style and your new furniture legs. Add some attraction to your very casual furnitures and have it your way.

Good Looking & Good Quality

Most of the models are engineered and tested for wieght-bearing. Materials, production and quality management is always under control.

Unique & Customized

Customized furniture legs suits your style and personal. Discover the design and trends to catch yours. Still looking for your very own idea? Choose between colors, finishings and other details or simply let them know what you need. You can choose the dimensions, too!