Furniture Hacks: LEGit Fashion!

Furniture hacking is the concept name of efforts that are made in order to fix, renew or enlive your old and sometimes new furnitures especially when you are on a tight budget. Rather than budget issues it is sometimes your passion to personalize your furnitures and put some soul on it and reflect your design ideas. We will not blame you if you say it is your effort to turn your house into a home or moving to your new house with newer ideas and lifestlye!


Sometimes choosing the right piece of furniture to your home can be though, we know that. But rather than spending a lot on new but common furniture, you can turn your old furnitures into shining new ones with applying paint, applying polish, adding some accessories, sewing holes and changing some parts. Besides being affordable it is also using your ideas and style so it is personal!

As millions of people you may choose a catalogue furniture for your new home or Office but guess what? Different is surely better. Being different and being different because of your personal touch is even more better. Do not get lost between millions of same brand furniture user and hack your way to a new fashion!


The most known furniture hacking is leg replacement nowadays and it is more easier than you may think. Legs can change a lot when it comes to a fashion view. Changing your old wooden worn out leg with a new shiny brass leg will change everything.

Furniture replacement, furniture customization or furniture modification is a modern way of re-touching your furnitures with new parts. Rather than buying the whole pack, or buying whole but changing later, many furniture can be modified and customized with your style and design ideas. In order to make it happen, there are many dedicated shops worldwide and a non-written codex is building day by day.  This is where are story also begins, to combine cheap & style in your design ideas.

Our replacement furniture legs are specially designed in a range of dimensions and materials, so you can reflect your ideas at home. You can retouch your furnitures with our hand-crafted, quality assured replacement legs.

It is also a great idea to up cycle your old quality furnitures because as you may noticed that quality is no more in the stores. You can combine that quality with a modern look in an affordable and easy way with us. You can combine your ideas with your old servant furniture and kill two birds with one stone! Btw, please do not harm birds since they are lovely.

Imagine what a new color, a new material look can change it your home. Imagine what you may add to your old furniture and how you save hundreds while adding your spirit to it. Your LEGit fashion ideas may inspire others too while they were busy checking on your new (not that new but hussshh!) furniture with envious looks.