How to Customize Your Furniture Legs? Technical Details

I bet many of you have real cool, easy to assemble and affordable IKEA or similar furniture at your home, office and other places. I will again bet that before buying them you checked on some tailor-made, hand crafted super luxury furniture but nearly lost your mind when you saw the price tag on it.


After that first impact, you found our website easily via searches and decided to replace your furniture legs to give it a more personalized and stylish look! OK, it is affordable and you just loved the shiny brass but you have a question on your mind. Can I really do it? Am I able to replace them? The answer is simple. Yes, you can!

First of all, before we start on our “how to” guide we want you to make sure that you have a screwdriver. Is that ok? OK, tutorial is finished, thank you for your attendance. Yes, we are also kidding! Please follow the next steps to understand more about the replacement.

After you order & get your new shiny replacement legs, unbox them carefully and leave them for a while to make them feel more comfortable at their new home. First, carefully remove the old legs using related method to it. Most of them are easily removable with only twisting them but you may need a M8 Bolt so please check your old legs first.


After you remove the old ones, slowly and carefully you are ready to shine your home. You can use it by screwing with a screwdriver. However, in some products, you only need to tighten the foot with the M8 nut according to IKEA. But as we said, it is usually only assembled with screwdriver and screw.

First, you should screw the bolt down in the leg until it sticks out 2-5 cm depending on your furniture’s weight and type. Secondly, you should attach the legs into the furniture’s related holes. If you are not sure about your furniture’s condition (especially when they are old and worn out) you may want to repair the existing hole first.

If you want, we also send wood screws with your order

The required screws will vary in size from 3" to 16" depending on your furniture. To make sure please contact us for further assistance.


Some other furnitures may not support M8 holes but do not worry. Our legs are able to be fitted as corner frames for furniture. Before choosing that method you should be sure that the furniture part where you would like to screw the legs support related screws.

Always consider weight-bearing, floor conditions and other small details before starting on your project. If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or website. We will be happy to assist you for any kind of questions, ideas and feedback.

And remember, work safe and be safe. Since it is only aim to put a smiley face on you, we really do not want you to apply band-aids to your hands.