Modern Details For Carpenters!

Are you a carpenter working real hard? Are you trying to become bigger? Do you want to impress your customer with new affordable ideas? You are in the right website!


Furniture replacement, furniture customization or furniture modification is a modern way of re-touching your furnitures with new parts. Rather than buying the whole pack, or buying whole but changing later, many furniture can be modified and customized with your style and design ideas. In order to make it happen, there are many dedicated shops worldwide and a non-written codex is building day by day.  This is where are story also begins, to combine cheap & style in your design ideas.

Our replacement furniture legs are specially designed in a range of dimensions and materials, so you can re-sell them to reflect your or your customers’ ideas at their home and office. You can retouch the furnitures with our hand-crafted, quality assured replacement legs.

Sofas, couches, cabinets, tables, basically most of the furnitures can be replaced from the leg parts. Of course there are many other furniture hacking methods but legs are easiest and making the most effect in human eyes.


Rather than buying one by one as retail sales, you as a carpenter, has a chance to become our partner in the business. Tell us about your scale, the local demand and your ideas, share your passion with us and we will be more than happy to assist you. Special offers and prices are available for mass purchases.


Also our designers are eager to listen your design and style ideas while we are free to add any change to our products. Do not be late to catch the hype train and put perfect stylish addition to any furniture! Your customers and potential customers will absolutely be impressed with your fashion and furniture hacking skills. Do not think that it is only some accessories that doing the job. It is the material, tests, quality assurance and know-how experience we had in years. You will feel safe in our hands and by using our products.

Do you also think that chain stores are killing your jobs? Do you have to put higher price tags everyday to compete with their cheapness? Imagine creating value and add it to your high quality products in an affordable way and that way is trending right now.


Reach us via our website or simply send us an e-mail. We are really curious about your business and thoughts and want to hear them from the first hand. Imagine the added value and your musts in the carpentery business and do not be late to reach us! With a quick renovation project, your customers’ furnitures can become much stylish. Whether your own produced furniture legs are not stylish anymore or expensive you can replace them to what you need. After you finish replacing them, you just wish you would done it earlier. Unless you want to increase the price tags a ton, your new furniture legs will do quite nicely and will attract more.