Replacement Cabinet Legs!

Great & fancy or old & broken, isn’t it your visionary dream to make your furnitures living again? Yes, we know that it takes time and money to do so but what if we tell you that there is a new trend and it cost real less?


You can start working on your renovation project in minutes and complete it from your home. You will only use your dreams, your taste and your design. No more surprises from the price tags of exclusive furniture shops or very common taste of standart DIY chain stores.

Furniture replacement, furniture customization or furniture modification is a modern way of re-touching your furnitures with new parts. Rather than buying the whole pack, or buying whole but changing later, many furniture can be modified and customized with your style and design ideas. In order to make it happen, there are many dedicated shops worldwide and a non-written codex is building day by day.  This is where are story also begins, to combine cheap & style in your design ideas.



And what is really beauty about it you really don’t need to be a carpenter! One screwdriver is really enough to complete replacing your cabinet legs in ten to fifteen minutes. It is your new house or your home’s new furniture. Use your of design & style to make it yours. You can really DIY!

Everybody is different so their needs and ways to express themselves are different. Why do you have to stuck with casual furniture accessories? You can easily personalize your cabinets with our shiny brass leg replacements and have it your way.

Produced and tested for perfection, you can always choose the right furniture replacement legs from our stores and use them for years with the pride of being it is only yours. After the replacement you will feel the shiny exclusivity of your home and feel proud of having it.

Express your individuality, feel your design and do it in an easy and affordable way. We are highly experienced in the process and thus it makes it easier for everyone. If you have questions or ideas please feel free to contact us via our stores or website. We are happy to hear anything that comes from you. Do you have problems about the dimensions? Or do you need something strange? Again, just let us know what will make you happy. We are here to listen your ideas and make them come alive!

Get yourself an affordable IKEA or renovate your old furniture friend. Use our shiny brass legs as finishing touch and “voila”. You have an unique piece of furniture, reflecting your ideas and design with super easiness and in an affordable way.


Don’t just think it as “it is only a cabinet!” You will be real shocked to see the change you are going to complete. The difference between a home and a house is in real details and yes we can make that details change real fast.