Replacement Sofa Legs!

You just started to a new project for your home or your office and decided to use your own ideas to fulfill your dreams. You decided to visit a hand-craft furniture shop and get shocked with the price tags while loving the style and quality.

Is that sounds familiar with you? Maybe not, let’s change the perspective. You want to retouch your home or office, visited IKEA and loved the easiness and being affordable. However using the same products with your every friend did not suit you. If that is not also familiar, let’s skip to a final scenario. You are on a tight budget but your worn-out furnitures also not helping to your home or office life.

All the mentioned problems above have different solutions. Some are expensive and unique, some are affordable but common. Now guess what? We have a combined solution!

Furniture replacement, furniture customization or furniture modification is a modern way of re-touching your furnitures with new parts. Rather than buying the whole pack, or buying whole but changing later, many furniture can be modified and customized with your style and design ideas.


And your sofas are not exception to this concept. With a quick DIY project, your sofas can become much stylish. Whether your sofa legs are not stylish anymore or worn-out you can replace them to what you need. After you finish replacing them, you just wish you would done it earlier. Unless you want to spend a ton of money, your new sofa legs will do quite nicely.

Your sofa will look so much better. Usually sofas are great in design with the exception of some very ugly legs. You can now both change this ugliness and put your spirit in your new design. You will shine with our brass sofa replacements and also put some joy to your home or office. Design and Style Matters! People want to express themselves with their home furnitures and want to share their style with their family and friends. Home is where we spend hours, rest and enjoy. It is your style and little touches that makes is cool!

Customized furniture legs suits your style and personal. Discover the design and trends to catch yours. Still looking for your very own idea? Choose between colors, finishings and other details or simply let us know what you need. You can choose the dimensions, too! All of our models are engineered and tested for wieght-bearing. Materials, production and quality management is always under control.

To kill two birds with one stone, you need to think differently. To combine cheap and style in an affordable way, we are waiting for your orders, ideas and designs. You are most welcome to share your thoughts with us and have it your way!


IKEA or not, old or new, let’s imagine your sofas with our shiny brass legs and give it a chance. After you complete the project, there will be a smile on your face, shining brass in your room and envious looks on your friends!