Trending Fashion: Furniture Customization!

Don't you still know anything about furniture replacement? Didn't you get on the hype train yet? The age of customization already began. It is a new trend but already gathered real interest.

We, as furniture gurus, already love the projects of transforming the old ones, sometimes producing retro, sometimes nostalgic or reborn of furniture. Usually modern and shiny. But sometimes they seem a little lacking even to us!

Let's imagine the progress. First of all, you have a super idea about your home or office. You just purchased an IKEA sofa, coffee table or you feel capable of customization about your old-time friend furniture.


Continue with the easiest. You can get a very stylish and different look by adding legs under your furniture. Shining in your living room with the envious looks of your colleagues. It is that easy and you will not believe what can be changed in minutes.

Do not grow tired with your old furniture renovation. With a few taps, you can revive your furniture and save it from being thrown away. And change becomes easy. Before gathering your courage, take a look at our pages and take advantage of the experience of those who renew their furniture.

Our furniture legs are compatible with a wide variety of furniture pieces. All you need is you, your style and your new furniture legs. Add some attraction to your very casual furnitures and have it your way.

Furniture replacement, furniture customization or furniture modification is a modern way of re-touching your furnitures with new parts. Rather than buying the whole pack, or buying whole but changing later, many furniture can be modified and customized with your style and design ideas.

Customized furniture legs suits your style and personal. Discover the design and trends to catch yours. Still looking for your very own idea? Choose between colors, finishings and other details or simply let them know what you need. You can choose the dimensions, too! You can also add your own ideas to your furniture and transform it according to your character.

All of our products are engineered and tested for wieght-bearing. Materials, production and quality management is always under control.

Furniture accessories are products that complement your furniture visually and functionally. These accessories include some accessories to protect and support your furniture, as well as a variety of complementary design elements. In addition, thanks to some furniture accessories in this scope, you can get more functional products by adding new functions to your existing furniture.

Brass matters and is handsome! Discover the newest Feng Shui of western design. Shining brass will gather fashion to your beloved home and office while catching the looks. See our favorited models and enjoy easy progress


Let’s do not skip the easiest part. One click to buy, a few days to ship and a few minutes to install. All easy but lasting, durable and joyful. Let’s give your inner designer a chance and try our brass legs. Your satisfaction is under our guarantee.